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A/V Content provides audiences with content with video or audio, which includes interviews, teasers, or walkthroughs of immersive experiences, ARXs, immersive theater, virtual reality experiences, installations / activationstraditional theater, immersive dinners / cocktails, and other events. They are expertly filmed and edited, to ensure that you are not watching unedited walkthroughs or poorly filmed teasers. These high quality videos will ensure that you can see the aesthetic and theming of these experiences with your very own eyes.

These should contain only minor spoilers for teasers, and full spoilers for haunt walkthroughs. If you’re looking for written walkthroughs, , try our recollections; or try our interviews, recaps, news, or AV content for more information.

San Diego Comic Con - Carnival Row, Amazon, Activation
AV Content

Carnival Row is a Pinnacle of Immersive Theater – SDCC Video

Dakota Loesch Interview - The Why
AV Content

THE WHY – Immersive Creator Dakota Loesch Discusses His Newest Project

Rogue Artists Ensemble, Señor Plummer's Final Fiesta, Immersive Theater West Hollywood Arts District Sandbox Los Angeles
AV Content

Rogue Artists Ensemble – Dancing With Memories at Señor Plummer’s Final Fiesta (With Video)

ScareLA | Alone Experience

Alone Opens Their More than Two Arms and Many Minds to Guests at ScareLA 2018 – Video

Scare LA, Rogue Artists Ensemble, Chelsea Sutton, Interview
AV Content

ScareLA 2018 – Interview with Chelsea Sutton of Rogue Artists Ensemble

Erik Blair, Thea Rivera, They Played Productions, Immersive Theater, Interview, Los Angeles, CA
AV Content

A Conversation with Erik Blair and Thea Rivera on Immersive Theater

They Played Procutions, Captivated, Interview, Erik Blair, Thea
AV Content

Captivated – An Interview with Erik Blair & Thea Rivera of They Played Productions

Metaforyou, Rewind the 90s, Installation, Immersive, Los Angeles, CA
AV Content

Metaforyou – Rewind to the 90s Video Teases Nostalgic Brilliance
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