With myriad performances taking place during Fringe Fest, it’s a wonderful time for both traditional and immersive theater. We’re very excited to highlight one piece in particular: DARK ARTS. This experience, written by and starring Lawrence Meyers (P0RN ROCK), is challenging the conventional format of theater by combining both immersive and proscenium elements to make this multi-format experience truly unique.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Lawrence this week about the impetus for this concept and its intriguing connection to fellow immersive production, THE TENSION EXPERIENCE.

I’m also pleased to present this interview in audio format, the first of our new series of interviews that will be presented as either audio or video.

From their Fringe page:

From the creator of last year’s hilarious and incisive “Porn Rock” comes “Dark Arts,” described as, “HOUSE OF CARDS meets VEEP in this dark comedy about America’s hidden power structure, and the professional spin doctors locked in eternal war with it. Entrepreneur Marcia Bradford is in crisis: someone is smearing her in the media. The crisis PR firm of Lyndsey Klein & Andrew St. Jude must find out who the perpetrator is before Bradford is destroyed…or they destroy themselves.” “Dark Arts” stars Elizabeth Dement, Lawrence Meyers, Damien Gerard, Stephanie Hyden, Terence Leclere, Toni Perrotta, and Erika Quintana.

DARK ARTS is the first-ever theatrical experience to contain both immersive and traditional elements. It is presented in three stand-alone pieces. There is the traditional proscenium show at Fringe. There is an immersive prelude and finale that you can experience outside of Fringe.

Dark Arts will be running at Fringe Fest throughout June. Tickets for all three shows can be purchased at www.darkartsplay.com and the proscenium show at http://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/4649?tab=tickets.

Please visit the Dark Arts website here for more info regarding performance dates and tickets for the PRELUDE, FRINGE PERFORMANCE, & FINALE.

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