We found ourselves in London, following instructions we had received mere hours before. The two of us, dressed all in black, except for a pair of spectacularly colourful knee-high socks, finding our way through subway lines and pedestrian walkways, with nothing but empty stomachs and a craving for the unusual to drive us forward. The reason for all this? We had secured a spot in The Chambers of Flavour, a multidimensional dining quest created by the verging-on-madness minds at Gingerline, who have been creating mysterious and delicious immersive dining experiences since 2010.

From here on out, it gets a bit difficult, as mentioning the mere name of our adventure is about as much as we are allowed to divulge to you. Gingerline insists on secrecy, allowing entry only to the most adventurous of diners, willing to step through their doors with an appetite for the unknown. As a circumvention to this problem, I will tell you what our experience most definitely was not. We didn’t enjoy a delightful supper in a gravity-defying 1950s kitchen. A crash test dummy did not serve us smoky ramen in an infinity mirror room. Meeting a mermaid and slurping intricate seafood dishes out of air bubbles in a ball pit – that never happened. And I am certain we did not end up in an airplane, with a dazzling drag queen flight attendant guiding us through the safety demonstration in sing-song. Nope, nothing like that ever happened to us. But – it could have. Our tumble through the flavourological multiverse was an entirely different experience, but was easily as imaginative, fun and ridiculous.


UK London Gingerline Chambers of Flavour Immersive Dining Dinner Experience


As soon as you arrive at the (obviously) very secret location, the adventure begins. You can sit back in a fully themed steampunk lounge and sip away at a cocktail, as characters barge in and engage you in conversation. Just make sure you find the time to preorder some refreshments for your journey, interdimensional travel is thirsty work! From the moment you traverse the first portal, expect a barrage of absurdity, doorways opening into the unknown, delicious courses and wacky characters, all dying to have some fun with you. By the end of it, a big smile was cemented on my face, and with the constant laughing and chewing, this was a decent workout for my jaw muscles. It’s amazing how easily the actors manage to draw the entire group in, engaging everyone to jump head first into their world and play along. An immense sense of fun oozes from the experience, everything is so highly interactive, the characters excel at improvisation and working with what you give them, and the thrill of always ending up in completely new, unfamiliar but spectacular surroundings is something that never gets old.

It speaks to the quality of Gingerline’s work that my only critical remark is that I wanted even more. The idea of an infinity of possible flavourological destinations at my disposal tickled my imagination, and even now, I can’t help but to make up absolutely awesome dimensions that could have been a stop on the way of my journey. After completing my quest, I wanted to keep on exploring their multiverse, hunting for even crazier dishes and flavour combinations. It might be my adventurous palate, but I’d be delighted to see them turn up the ‘bizarre’ factor and push the envelope even further with regard to putting my taste buds to the test, and to devising ways of wholly unexpected, interactive plating methods. But that’s not to say my trip through the Chambers of Flavour was short or lacking of anything: from my arrival time, the entire quest lasted just under two and a half hours, every course was insanely original and delicious, and this genuinely was one of the most delightful and fun immersive experiences I’ve ever done.


UK London Gingerline Chambers of Flavour Immersive Dining Dinner Experience


I’m beating myself up I wasn’t there for the previous two incarnations of the Chambers of Flavour, let alone Gingerline’s other immersive dining concepts, and I can wholeheartedly recommend them if you are planning a trip to London. Keep an eye on their social media for information regarding ticket releases – they tend to go quickly. Also, Gingerline is able to cater to most dietary restrictions, so don’t let that keep you from experiencing what they have to offer. Only the brave will dine!

For more information, check out the official websites of Gingerline and The Chambers of Flavour, their Facebook page, or their Instagram account.


UK London Gingerline Chambers of Flavour Immersive Dining Dinner Experience



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