Hollywood Fringe Festival

Every June, the Fringe Festival takes over Hollywood. No space is safe as theaters, clubs, bars, parks, parking lots and even street corners become the setting for hundreds of  stories. But what makes Fringe truly unique is that it’s open to anyone who wants to develop a show as long as the show takes place within Hollywood during the Festival. This leads to some truly innovative shows as well as quite a few that may miss their mark.

With over 300 shows listed, figuring out what to see can be a chore. So we’ve taken on the task of sifting through them all and highlighting the ones from some of our favorite companies and others that just sound like they shouldn’t be missed.

One Person Immersive Experiences


Death and CoffeeAnnie Lesser

A conversation over coffee. Although this show deals with death and grief, it has a PG rating. An autobiographic immersive one-woman one audience member show.

One Last Thing Before you Go - Asylum - Fringe Festival

One Last Thing Before You Go – Some Company – $30

A one-audience member interactive and immersive piece, so only 25 people will be able to see it (five people per night, five nights). It is a solitary exploration of the borderlands between life, death, and afterlife. It will be spooky, haunting, and memorable.

This show is improvisational, immersive, and interactive. There are different endings depending on your actions or inaction.

From the team that brought you “Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale” at HFF ’17.


Snow Fridge – Karlie Blair, Keight Leighn & Larry Meyers – $25

Hello. Welcome to Snow Fridge. You are here, at the beginning. Our purpose is to see you through your story. The one you will experience through this individual, improvised, immersive show that began right here, at your beginning. Your show will be unique, created for you alone. Hello. Welcome.

Ceaseless fun - Derek Spencer - Radical Immersive Theater

The StarsCeaseless Fun – $20

The Stars is a 1-audience adventure down Hollywood Blvd, exploring our desires to see and be seen, to know and be known. It is a site-specific commentary, a critique of the Hollywood experience, and a void into which you may shout your most pressing questions.

What is it? What does it mean? What does it mean to be? What does it mean to be here?

the guest and the host - immersive music making

Make MusicThe Guest and the Host – $50-75

In this experience, you’ll talk, connect, play and create a recording with a musician at a small music studio in Hollywood.

You fill out a submission. You’re accepted, not from proficiency or recommendation, but from a connection… Something puts you (and us) in the right headspace, for the piece we may create together. A place to begin, from which me way return.

We meet in view of the Capitol Records building in Hollywood, where you state your name, and say you’re waiting to Make Music; then drive in a hired car to our studio.

Time blurs… An hour or so later, you return with a very different picture of yourself.

1-2 people / session; for 1-person sessions, enter the Discount Code, “1 person session”

Group Immersive Experiences

escape from godot fringe poster

Escape From Godot – Mister and Mischief – $25

Enter the theater and take your seat for a performance of a very famous play that has been called “important,” “the quintessence of existentialism,” and “a meaningless trudge between the cradle and the grave.” You have 60 minutes to escape.
Part game, part performance and all absurd. Playfulness encouraged. Bowler hats optional. Are you feeling Lucky?


GOD: The Apologies Tour – They Played Productions – $25

We created the heavens and the earth, all that you can and cannot see. We gave you free will out of love for you. Yea, this is the result. We’re really sorry. It is time for Us to apologize to you in person for what We have given you and to answer the questions We know you have.

One Brief Moment of Joy

One Brief Moment of Joy – Undone Horizon Productions – $50

“One Brief Moment of Joy” is about those tiny encounters that brighten your day; it’s the stranger complimenting your jacket while on the street; it’s an unexpected celebration of your presence in the universe. It’s less about going somewhere and more the journey within.

Hearing of E.K. Verlaine’s introspective and enlightening parties, you meet with one of their colleagues for a personal interview to potentially enter the community. When accepted, you’ll join eleven other strangers for an evening of openness and participation. Guided by the elusive E.K. Verlaine and their friends, you’ll have a collective experience aimed at embracing who you are in an uplifting and respectful space. Will you delve deep or uncover a new side of yourself?


Rochester, 1996Capital W/Drycraeft Los Angeles – $50

Rochester, 1996 is a new workshop production exploring questions of faith, identity, service, and family through a day in the life of a young urban pastor and his teenaged child. The immersive, interactive performance will take place in multiple locations, beginning and ending in Hollywood.


Unreal City – 2cents Theatre Group – $25

This is the way the world ends. Welcome to UNREAL CITY, a post-apocalyptic journey into the future, when the world has devolved into The Wasteland. A fully immersive, intimate and challenging new experience based on the works of TS Eliot.


What Went Wrong – Shinbone Theatre Company – $20

In this immersive virtual reality theatre experience, take on the role of a new hire at Closure Inc.. Your assignment? Use advanced technology to “view” the memories of failed couples and figure out what went wrong with their relationship. But when memories diverge, nothing goes according to plan…


The Witnessing – The Unmarked Door – $15

The Witnessing is a bone-chilling multi-sensory exploration into a shocking paranormal case file. Actual footage, photographs, artifacts, and recordings from the Davidson investigation bring this terrifying ordeal to life.

Horror Themed Shows


Cthulhu: The Musical! – Puppeteers for Fears

Detective LaGrasse is tracking a killer. Francine Thurston’s uncle is missing. The only clue to both mysteries is a cult’s evil idol. And it leads to madness. Naturally, hilarity ensues. Witness the unthinkable: HP Lovecraft’s horror classic, The Call of Cthulhu, as a puppet musical.


Doctor Zomba’s Ghost Show of Terror – Abacab Productions – $15

A modern day revival of the “Ghost Show” popular in the 1950’s that features spooky magic, comedy, a seance, and a blackout sequence at the end where the audience is fully immersed in the realm of spirits and monst


Dracula’s Taste Test – Sacred Fools Theater Group

Dracula has awakened in the 21st century, his coffin having been shipped to his closest living descendant in Glendale, CA. He has purchased a bar to try and find a place to fit into the modern world, but the permits have not come through and he is unable to open the new venue. To make good on his bookings, the legendary vampire lord presents this show at Fringe. Joined by Erik, the Phantom of the Opera as his musical director, Dracula hosts his friends and battles fiends as they crash the monster bash. Special guest variety artists make each show unique as the audience is guided from seance to sing-a-long with very little murder along the way. Fun! Prizes! You’ll wish you were undead.


Jane Austen’s Emma Frankenstein – Sacred Fools Theatre Company

Monsters, music, and a comedy of proper Regency manners! The winner of Sacred Fools’ “Serial Killers” playoffs returns with a full-length musical production. Looking to capitalize on the success of such mash-ups as “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” Jane Austen brings us the story of the Woodhouse sisters and their search for love with the Frankenstein Family.

Fringe Lights Out in the Hermit Cave

Lights Out In The Hermit’s Cave!

From the airwaves of the 1930s and 40s to the stage: we present this old time radio horror double feature. From Lights Out: “Valse Triste” & From The Hermit’s Cave: “The House on Lost Man’s Bluff.” Join us for an evening of vintage thrills and chills!


Manson’s Girls – New Musicals Inc

The story of the Manson Family murders, with a driving, rock score which explore the psyche of the girls, A parable about those who follow the voice of authority without stopping to question. A world premiere from New Musicals Inc.


The Midnight Menagerie – The Bardic Bastards – $5

“This man’s name was Tim. Tim crossed me. Now Tim is acrossed your plates.”

The Midnight Menagerie is a twistedly funny take on the rotten decisions of the deplorable delinquents that haunt the screens of Hollywood. On the eve of his first film’s release, a scorned Mafioso-boss-turned-screenwriter invites the band of bastards responsible for his misery to a midnight dinner complete with a full course of bloody revenge.

Attendees may leave bloodstained. Parental discretion advised. One free glass of wine will be served upon arrival.


Survival Check – Flat Tire Theatre Company

When four millennials on a camping trip stumble upon strange artifacts and weapons, they realize that this weekend escape has turned into an escape for their lives! They’ve been thrown into a world with monsters and magic, and they’ll have to role play and battle their way out.



Ghosts: A New Immersive Theatre – Dream Walker – $25-50

A site-specific walkthrough experience. The original play, Ghosts, is a scathing commentary on 19th-century morality. Because of its subject matter, which includes religion, venereal disease, incest and euthanasia,2 it immediately generated strong controversy and negative criticism. Since then the play has fared better, and is considered a “great play”3 that historically holds a position of “immense importance”. VIP tickets are also available which include Beer and Wine.


Henry V (And Cocktail Party) – Pretend Theater – $20

We are throwing a party! Come and join us for a night of drinks with friends, acquaintances, enemies, and royalty! As well as a performance of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Every ticket includes a free beer or glass of wine!



The show purports to be a long-lost masterpiece by a bitter rival of 19th century playwright August Strindberg. During the show, the audience wears headphones so that the Director can explain the symbolism of the play and to make sure make sure the audience “gets it”.


The Study – MB Stage Productions, LLC – $10-20

A psychological study of the flight or fight response set in a college lecture hall. This is an immersive, audience interactive, video game and theatre inspired piece. From the creators of THE VIDEO GAMES. *May contain triggers; violence, blood, flashing lights, fog and simulated sexual situations.


When Skies Are Gray – The Visceral City Project

A daughter grapples with her mother’s decline in the final week of her life. This is an immersive piece where select audience members will interact as Nurses throughout the piece. We invite you to come say goodbye to the mother in the final hours of her life.

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