It’s that time of year again where Theater takes over the streets of Hollywood. The Hollywood Fringe Festival is back with a whole new slate of shows ranging from Immersive Horror to Serious Dramas to Campy Musicals. We are here to help you sort through the hundreds of listings with those shows our staff feels you have to check out at Fringe 2019.

Solo Immersive Experiences

Internal, They Played Productions, HFF, Hollywood Fringe Festival, Immersive Theater, Los Angeles, CA

InternalThey Played Productions – $15

When the zombie apocalypse hits, the truest danger will not come from outside.

From They Played Productions (creators of last year’s immersive hit “God: the Apologies Tour” and HFF16’s horror musical “Nothing Bad”) comes a brand-new immersive horror tale that you will experience entirely by yourself. Alone on the streets of Hollywood, you will face a darkness that may devour you whole. A darkness that will give you nowhere to turn as it’s all happening directly…to…you.

Spy Brunch, The Pod, Immersive, Sci-Fi, Fringe, HFF, Hollywood Fringe Festival, Los Angeles, CA

The Pod – Lucid Dramatics / Spy Brunch – $30

Macora Aerospace and Robotics International has selected you as a candidate for the first-ever human voyage to Proxima Centauri B, a habitable planet located trillions of miles from Earth.

But first, both you and your mission partner need to be thoroughly evaluated.

We have put together a training simulation that will prepare the two of you for the decades of your life you’ll spend in deep space. Macora engineers have crafted a vessel using advanced laser propulsion technology — informally known as The Pod — that is capable of making this incredible journey in a mere twenty years.

There is one catch: The Pod can only carry one human being. Your partner is not human. But we hope she will be the perfect companion.

Good luck. We’re counting on you both.

Tales By Candlelight, Walk the Night, Cantrip Candles, Immersive Theater, Los Angeles, Storytelling, One on One, Solo

Tales By CandlelightCantrip Candles / Walk the Night – $99

Create a world… Discover a character… Embark on adventure…
that reveals a candle.

Read our review here.

Group Immersive Experiences

Ascend, Hollywood Fringe Festival, HFF, Fringe, Immersive, Mythological, Los Angeles, CA

Ascend: When Myths Fall, Heros Rise – Hidden Realms – $20-$35

The gods of four mythological pantheons (Greek, Egyptian, Maya, & Chinese) call on you, their lost demigod children, to save them from a primordial threat. However, some of the gods have other plans for this rising power. Join the gods on quests to discover the truth because tonight it’s the demigods that have the power to change the fate of the world.

Key narrative plot points and endings are entirely up to the choices of the participants. Audience members are guided through this multi-room experience, but are also encouraged to forge their own path through the evening involving quests and challenges that will prepare you for a final battle.

Best Night Ever, Hollywood Fringe Festival, HFF, Immersive Theater, Katnip Productions, MetaForYou, Bees Knees, Los Angeles, CA

Best Night Ever: A Bachelor(ette) Night – Katnip Productions / #MetaForYou / Bees Knees – $50

It’s the big night before the big day, the last fling before the ring, the last ride before she’s a bride. You’re invited to join the soon-to-be-wed couple on an exciting limo ride through the streets of Hollywood in this immersive, interactive bachelor/bachelorette party experience where nothing is off limits… except maybe the stripper.

Audience members become bridesmaids or groomsmen of the bachelor or bachelorette parties and board a limousine filled with free drinks (and, for the bachelorette, penis paraphernalia). As the drinks flow, so does all of the drama. Will they or won’t they? It’s all up to you in this fully interactive experience where the audience holds the fate of the fiancées in their hands.

Hell's Finest, Hollywood Fringe Festival, HFF, Fringe, Los Angeles, CA, Horror

Hell’s Finest – Hell’s Finest Project – $10

A sadist, a murderer, and a predator, all share one common goal: to become the leader of the finest cult: the denomination of Abaddon. There’s only one problem. In order to obtain this position, they must go up against each other in a riveting competition to impress the cult’s current leader: Adam. He’s spectacularly charming and possesses the uncanny ability to influence all those who cross his path. With secrets spilled and matches met, the three contestants grow more and more daring with their desperate attempts to gain total power. However, no matter what happens, no matter who lies and who cheats, Adam always calls the final shots.

Annie Lesser, Picnic Party, LA, Los Angeles, Immersive, ABC Project, Hollywood Fringe Festival, HFF

Picnic PartyAnnie Lesser – Free

Up to 16 audience members at a time (first come first serve) get to have a silent disco experience/picnic.
Picnic Party does not necessarily serve food. Except “for thought.”

Pop up locations/show times revealed @PicnicPartyLA on Instagram.

Rock Band Murder Mystery, Hollywood Fringe Festival, Immersive Theater, HFF, Los Angeles, CA, Some Company

Rock Band Murder Mystery – Some Company – $40

Who killed rock and roll? Find out in this 100% interactive, fully immersive murder mystery.

This interactive, immersive show focuses on a roarin’ rock band and their entourage. All participants assume the pre-generated personas of the band, manager, roadie, groupies, and other members of the crew. You interact with each other against a deadly threat, and one of you might even be a murderer! Can the show go on??

Tethered, Immersive, Hollywood Film Festival, Los Angeles, HFF, CA

TetheredInHouse Theatre Company – $9-$18

Tethered is a fast-paced look into the world of mid-market mayoral politics. Adam, Dorothy, Barbara and Nick are driven individuals working hard to defy the labels forced on them; to become more than their worst mistakes.

Vote for Murder, 2Cents Theatre, Hollywood Fringe Festival, HFF, Immersive, Los Angeles, CA

Vote for Murder2cents Theatre Company

The creators of Unreal City (2018 Best in Immersive Theatre) challenge you to vote for the best and slay the rest at this year’s Senior Class President elections! Something has gone awry in this student council grudge match, and the night has turned to MURDER.

Solve and collect clues, perform tasks, commit murders, save your fellow classmates, and interrogate suspects to find which candidate is trying to steamroll their peers on their way to the top.

Half immersive experience/half co-operative RPG, Vote for Murder is a sandbox immersive experience based on the game mechanics and characters of Clue, Mafia, and various other party games.


Cirque du Giselle, Hollywood Fringe Fest, HFF, Los Angeles, CA, Aerialists, Dance

Cirque du Giselle – Aeriform Artists

An ethereal, “Fringe Festival” contemporary take on the classic ballet, Giselle. A dark and tragic love story of deceit, heartbreak, consequences, and redemption – where love eventually triumphs over vengeance from the grave and beyond. Brought to life on the stage in a swirl of aerial and cirque magic!

Disrobed, Hollywood Fringe Festival, Fringe, HFF, Los Angeles, CA, Nudity, Immersive

Disrobed – Southern California Naturist Association

The producers of the HFF16 immersive hit, Love the Body Positive, are back with the full length comedy, “Disrobed: Why so clothes-minded?” The play has been adapted and updated by Steven Vlasak (HFF18’s Nights at The Algonquin Roundtable) from the British naturist classic, “Barely Proper” by Tom Cushing. It’s Meet The Parents with a twist! Skye is about to introduce her conservative boyfriend to her family. But she’s never told him that she and her family are all nudists! Will their relationship survive? Once again, this immersive theatre experience requires the audience to be in their birthday suits. Don’t forget to bring a clothes bag and a towel to sit on! All photography is prohibited and all cellphones must be turned off and stored in the clothes bag upon entering the venue.

Falling on Deaf Eyes, Hollywood Fringe Festival, ASL, HFF, Los Angeles, CA, Theater

Falling on Deaf Eyes

“Falling On Deaf Eyes” is an autobiographical comedy about a single Deaf mother raising a family of teenage punk rockers in a small town. The show will include music, American Sign Language, storytelling, visuals, and will be accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing community (Note: our first 2 and last 2 performances will have ASL Interpreters available).

When Justin’s parents divorced in 1992, his Deaf mother suddenly found herself overcoming extraordinary personal challenges as a newly-single parent raising a family of three hearing youngsters in a small provincial town. The family were forced to find ways to cope with new circumstances in unfamiliar surroundings.

Magic as Medium, Fringe, Hollywood Fringe Fest, HFF, Siegried Tieber, Magic, Los Angeles, CA

Magic as MediumSiegfried Tieber

An exploration of classic and neoclassic pieces of magic, viewed from a contemporary perspective. This interactive performance invites audience members to become active participants.

Writer and performer Siegfried Tieber has been featured in prominent media outlets such as Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times and Forbes. In 2015, Siegfried headlined at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest arts festival in the world, and in 2018 Time Out NY listed his show See/Saw as #1 in its “The best magic shows in New York City.”

The Rate Mentalist, Hollywood Fringe Festival, Fringe, HFF, Magic, Theater, Los Angeles, CA

The Rat Mentalist – Christopher T. Magician

Experience the eighth wonder of the world … Sprinkles, the Clairvoyant Rat! Join Christopher T. Magician’s sideshow as he showcases the extrasensory powers of his pet rodent. You’ll witness the wonder as Sprinkles reads minds, sends thoughts, and gnaws away at preconceived notions of reality!

Signs with Jonathan David, Hollywood Fringe Festival, Los Angeles, CA, Theater, ASL

Signs with Jonathan David – T. A. P.

Comedian Jonathan David has been playing for deaf ears. Born to Deaf parents with severe substance and mental health issues, David takes us through his first hand account of his and his parents upbringing, his own troubles with addiction, and his own continuing recovery.

SIGNS is a hilarious and insightful look at the external and internal forces that shape who we are.

Presented with an American Sign Language interpreter in a fully ADA-compliant facility.

Title of Show, Hollywood Fringe Festival, Fringe, HFF, Theater, Los Angeles, CA

[Title of Show] – O’Kelly Campfire Productions

Jeff and Hunter want to write an original musical and find their spotlight in the world of theatre in New York. So they enlist the help of their actress friends, Heidi and Susan and document the development of their independent hit at The New York Theatre Festival on their path to Broadway.

A tribute to Doug, Nickelodeon, Hollywood Fringe Festival, Los Angeles, CA, Theater

A Tribute to Doug – Hendrix Productions

With the blessing of Jim Jinkins, the orignial creator of Doug, this classic 90’s cartoon will be brought to life. The Funnie family has arrived at their new home in Bluffington. Doug and his best friend Porkchop meet the classic cast of characters we all know and love: Skeeter, his best human friend; Patti Mayonnaise, his secret crush; and Roger Klotz, the local bully. When Roger tricks Doug into thinking that catching an infamous local swamp creature will make him a town hero, Doug suits up and heads over to Stinson’s pond to bag himself a neematoad!

Twirly's Traveling Tricks, Twirly, Hollywood Fringe Festival, HFF, Fringe, Dana Benedict, Los Angeles, Cabaret, Comedy, CA

Twirly’s Traveling Tricks – Twirly the Clown

She’s been stealing the hearts of audiences with her unorthodox vaudeville antics for years, leaving them scratching their heads and wondering “where is my heart and why is my chest cavity filled with discounted valentine’s day candy?” Also, “who is Twirly the clown?”
After a successful launch of Twirly’s debut tell-all comic book, Twirly is back in action for a full show. She may or may not juggle. She may or may not swallow a sword, but she most definitely will confuse you. Come in with an open mind, leave with it even more open.

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