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Interviews are the perfect way to peak behind the curtain of immersive experiences, ARXs, immersive theater, virtual reality experiences, installations / activationstraditional theater, immersive dinners / cocktails, and other events. These articles allow creators to learn from the successes and missteps of other creators, and give audiences details about new experiences to set the right expectations. If you’re unsure about an event, what better way to learn about it than from the mouth of the creators themselves.

We ask tough questions–aiming to learn from creators to improve the knowledge of the overall immersive community. We want to leverage the experts in the field to provide a database of resources for fans and creators alike.

These should contain only minor spoilers or teases for experiences that have already happened or will soon occur. If you’re looking for written walkthroughs, try our recollections; or try our reviews, recaps, news, or AV content for more information.

Noah Sinclair The System - The Lust Experience - Seminar - Interview

The System Tickets on Sale – Exclusive Interview with Noah Sinclair

Dark Arts Interview with Lawrence Meyers - Immersive Theater at The Hollywood Fringe Festival
Fringe Festival

Fringe Preview – “Dark Arts” Exclusive Lawrence Meyers Audio Interview
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