Immersive movie tie-ins have been the talk of Hollywood ever since the Neibolt Street house welcomed guests into the world of It last fall, allowing viewers to step into a fictional world they might have seen unfold on the big screen. Even this month alone will see multiple film-inspired 360-degree environments, from The Strangers Experience to the Ready Player One Challenge. Now, Sony is getting in on the action with the official Jumanji Escape Room, a collaboration with 60Out Escape Rooms.

Inspired by last year’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, the room first and foremost does a fantastic job of recreating the atmosphere of the film. The premise of the room is that your group is sneaking into a friend’s bedroom, only to find it completely empty. Following his clues, you activate the Jumanji video game, select your characters, and are sucked into the game and its various environments.


60out jumanji escape room official movie film tie-in sony


The technical expertise on display in 60Out’s latest offering can’t be understated. This isn’t simply an escape room filled with different combination locks and hidden keys. Gadgets are liberally employed, making each member of the party uniquely suited to various challenges. Whoever selects Dr. Smolder Bravestone (as played in the film by Dwayne Johnson), for example, will be called upon for feats of strength, while cartographer Shelly Oberon is better equipped for environmental puzzles. Even during testing, gadgets worked as they were meant to, adding to the ambiance and the immersion of the experience.

Speaking of ambiance, the set dressing of each of Jumanji’s chambers is unparalleled. The bedroom that guests literally have to climb into through a window is appropriately decorated, with plenty of red herrings and props that make it feel authentically lived in. The jungle-themed rooms that follow are intricately designed, featuring statues and foliage, all augmented by a superb soundtrack.


60out jumanji escape room official movie film tie-in sony


Finally, the Jumanji Escape Room does a phenomenal job of building to a climax. It’s a tricky needle to thread, making a series of puzzles exciting in a primal sense, but the puzzles escalate in such a way, along with the soundtrack, that it truly feels as if the hunter Van Pelt is right on your tail.

The official Jumanji Escape Room, just like the film it was inspired by, could very well be underestimated by unscrupulous guests. But it’s not just a cash-grab or an opportunistic movie tie-in; it’s a genuinely fun and thrilling escape experience that will hopefully stick around at 60Out for some time.

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