Below is the full recording of the “Hollywood Goes Immersive” panel at Midsummer Scream 2018. Huge thanks to Kevin Hsu for filming this excellent video and Jon Kobryn for his editing skills! 

With more and more Hollywood studios creating expansive and detailed immersive activations as a means of marketing and promotion, some of the best creators sit down to discuss the future of experiential advertising at Midsummer Scream. From IT‘s Neibolt house to The Strangers Experience, the popularity of these events is staggering, proving that we will see even more active advertising in the future, both at genre conventions and the in ever-growing Los Angeles immersive scene.

Studios are now using haunted attractions and immersive productions to promote their films or big-budget programs, and fans are loving it. Meet three professionals behind some of the most elaborate activations ever conceived for marketing efforts, as they discuss why studios are investing so much in experiential attractions, and how they create environments that allow guests to step into the worlds of their favorite horror and fantasy films, and TV shows.

On stage is Christie Decker, Executive Vice President of Operations for Experiential, with GranDesign, who created the walk-through Neibolt House for ItDavid Wally, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder at Mycotoo, Inc., the Talent Director and Show Supervisor of HBO’s Westworld Experience at South by Southwest 2018, and the Blade Runner 2049 Experience at Comic-Con International; and Josh Randall, creator of the internationally-recognized immersive experience, BLACKOUT, who has also created attractions for Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, Focus Features, and Crypt TV, including the recent The Strangers Experience.

Moderated by Bryan Bishop, senior editor for The Verge.


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