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Immersed Logo for Pages

Recollections are walkthroughs, memories, or echoes of immersive experiences, ARXs, immersive theater, virtual reality experiences, installations / activations, traditional theater, immersive dinners / cocktails, and other events. As immersive theater is heavily dependent on the choices and interactions that the participant has with the actors, each experience should be expected to be different and unique.

These walkthroughs have three goals in mind. First, they provide newcomers a basis of what to expect when going to the next event by a given company, as it is assumed that similar styles, structure, and themes will carry over. Second, for multi-part experiences, it provides a chance for audience members to jump in during later installments while still understanding the story of earlier parts. Finally, it tells great stories for those who cannot attend these experiences.

These will contain heavy spoilers. If you’d like spoiler free reviews, check here; interviews with creators, click here; or check out our recaps, news, or AV content for more information.
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