Welcome to Twirly’s Traveling Tricks – a great new Fringe show where the language is made up and the jokes don’t matter. Tucked away in Studio C, this one-clown, 45-minute showcase produced by Dana Benedict is a riotously chaotic romp full of physical comedy, song and dance, and a thoroughly demolished Fourth Wall.

From start to finish, the show invites audiences inside the brain of a clown with the general sensibilities of a kindergartner on a sugar high. As she jumps from bit to bit and back again, you’re never quite sure what’s about to happen as she frantically throws items from her enormous wagon of tricks, cues lighting and sound from the crew, and insinuates herself among the audience. While the audience remains seated throughout the show, guests won’t just be watching. Most of the performance has a strong classic vaudeville influence, tempered with her slightly menacing enthusiasm.


Twirly's Traveling Tricks

It’s hard to pick favorite moments – Twirly’s dancing is fantastic, her singing deeply moving, and her challenges with shoes are surprisingly relatable. I was laughing from start to finish, and would have happily watched more.

While the chaos of the show is a part of the charm, it’s possible that having a little more of a natural escalation to the flow of the acts might have smoothed out some of the rougher edges. There were a few moments where it seemed like the tech crew was unsure of their cue, and the audience was sometimes at a loss as well. In all honesty, however, those exchanges kept the performance feeling fresh and unexpected. In fact, one of the most hilarious moments was an unscripted interaction with an audience member during balloon sculpting.


Twirly's Traveling Tricks

I can only imagine that the remaining performances will be even better as Twirly and her crew find their natural rhythm. If you want a few moments of surreal, child-like joy during Fringe, definitely check out Twirly’s Traveling Tricks. Tickets are still available for the shows on June 15 and June 22, and if you want to read about some of her earlier (mis)adventures, use the code “RUBE” to add her comic to your order.

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