Below is an interview with Delusion’s Jon Braver regarding the new Lies Within Virtual Reality series and their upcoming immersive experience, The Blue Blade. Special thanks to Kevin Hsu for filming this interview, Jon Kobryn for editing, and for Jon Braver for taking the time to talk with us. 

Delusion represents a pinnacle of audience-driven, intimate experiential theater. With stunts that rival that of a Hollywood production, this interactive haunted play quickly engages audiences and draws them into the world director Jon Braver creates. This year, audiences have two different chances to experience Delusion.

At Midsummer Scream, Immersed sits down with Delusion creator Jon Braver to discuss both experiences: the new VR Series based on their 2016 hit, Lies Within, and another interview regarding the upcoming immersive adventure, The Blue Blade. Find both below and more information on these fantastic experiences.

Lies Within: A Virtual Reality Digital Series

With a renowned book series left unfinished and its author gone missing, two rabid fans set out to reclaim their beloved novelist from her literary nightmares come to life.

During the 1940s in the American South, reclusive author Elena Fitzgerald built a zealous following with her Stygian Ascent series: an epic of dark fantasy following the life of young Mary on a quest to be rejoined with her mother. To the larger world, Miss Fitzgerald was a beloved novelist, yet to Daniel and Virginia, she was everything. They’ve wept over the lives and deaths of her characters. They’ve dreamt of walking in her world. A world now out of reach as Elena went missing before the 5th and supposedly final book was written.

For years, there was no sign of Elena. It its place, rumors of madness, murder, and something otherworldly persisted. Most of Elena’s fans quietly mourned the loss of a finale, yet Daniel and Virginia refused to let go. The worlds, characters and stories must continue. Thus, the two decide that Elena needs their help to finish what she started. To close the chapter on a world left untended. Leaving their grim reality behind, the two begin their search for the Fitzgerald Manor.

Our series begins as the decrepit Manor, hidden deep in the forest, is uncovered. Once inside, reality bends as Elena’s stories and characters have come to life. Dire creatures of manifested wood, flesh and shadows hold the secrets to Elena’s silence. And as the two descend further into Elena’s twisted world, they discover they’re not the only ones searching for closure. Through fragile alliances, ripped pages, horrific acts and the shocking discovery of Elena’s only daughter, Mary, the intruders begin to understand their author’s dreadful situation. She is held captive somewhere in her home. Her writing continues, but her words come from another.

Something is changing the ending of her Stygian Ascent series.


The Blue Blade

The wait is over as the vanguard of interactive theatre returns with an all-new original play from creator Jon Braver. The sixth story in the Delusion Universe has guests embark on a live, otherworldly adventure in the vein of Indiana Jones. You must play your part in the most epic theatrical production of its kind. Learn more about the story below:

The world has become erratic since the theft of the Blue Blade; an artifact of unknown origin rumored to give its owner the power to tear through the fabric of space and time. Once held by the Safeguard Society, an elite group of historians, the blade was stolen by Professor Evelyn Lowell… one of their own.

Evelyn went underground and unlocked the mysteries of the blade. For years she ran a black market, amassing wealth by taking clients to other eras. But as prying eyes grew near, she disappeared – rumored to be protected by a shadowy cult.

The fate of time and space hang in the balance as Evelyn and the blade slip further away. As a sign of desperation, the Safeguard Society looks to you, their most promising initiates, to track down Evelyn and the blade.

Click here for Delusion’s website to find out more about The Blue Blade, Delusion’s previous and upcoming events.

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