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Creator Resources is a page designed to provide key articles that will help creators craft the best immersive experiences, haunted houses, or themed events possible. By interviewing the best in the business, we can help you learn from both their mistakes and successes. We provide tried and true ways to do immersive theater (in terms of sound, touch, cost and more), to help provide a baseline if you don’t know where to start. And we provide these with the understanding that these are just the experiences of other creators–this is not the only way, but encouragement to carve your own path and innovate beyond the current status.

There should be little to no spoilers in these articles as they aren’t meant to review or recollect a show–but rather provide examples, lessons learned, and tips to improve a creator’s future endeavors.

Make sure you submit your experiences for coverage here–and if you aren’t a creator, we also offer a series on fan resources.
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