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Guides offer audiences helpful tips, tricks, and introductions to various immersive experiences, ARXs, immersive theater, virtual reality experiences, installations / activationstraditional theater, immersive dinners / cocktails, and other events.

Whether it’s a massive listing of Halloween experiences or a more small-scale guide to how to best experience a single event (like Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More), this is the best place to catch up on experiences in the past or prepare for ones in the future. While recollections will provide a walkthrough of a single event, guides will also provide a recap of all experiences up to a given point to orient audiences looking to join for an upcoming experience. Further, it will condense an entire festival or convention into a single article, placing all pertinent information in one place for easy accessibility.

While these never aim to spoil anything upcoming, as events being recapped are rarely remounted, there will be heavy spoilers for the past events or conventions. If you’re looking for written walkthroughs, try our recollections; or try our reviews, interviews, news, or AV content for more information.

The Lust Experience - Tension Expeirence - Darren Lynn Bousman - Clint Sears - Immersive Theater - Experiential Entertainment

The Lust Experience – Anointment – A Quick Guide For Your Trip to the OSDM

Society Boanthropic Solstice nears - Boanthropic recap - Nocturnal Reverse - Immersive Experience Society - Save the Moonchild
Drycraeft LA

The Society and The Boanthropic: A Brief Primer for New Pilgrims

theboanthropic The Boanthrophic TheSocietyNow The Society Moon Child
Drycraeft LA

The Society and TheBoanthropic: An In-Depth Recap of Summer 2017

White Helix ARG whitehelix technology integrity blackmail

White Helix – Revealing the Skeletons in our Technological Closets

The Lust Experience - Recap of The Prologue - iConfidant and The System - Darren Lynn Bousman and Clint Sears - Noah Sinclair - Immersive Theater

The Lust Experience – Get Caught Up – Recap of the Prologue

Choice The Kansas Collection Speakeasy Society Haunting Immersive Theater wizard of oz

The Beauty of Choice in The Kansas Collection – The Speakeasy Society
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