What we eat tells a story not just about us as individuals but about the histories that make up our culture and our relationships–and food is thus intimately linked to the art and emotion. Good food can elevate the tone of an evening and create a sense of community among people. And great food can even elevate our moods. Think of the effect comfort food has on you after a long day or how your favorite dish can change your entire day. Food is so much more than just ingredients on a plate. It is the expression of the chef; and when it’s complimented by meaningful ambiance, it becomes an artform. This marriage of art and food appears to be the idea behind Infinitely Dinner Society.

Infinitely Dinner Society describe themselves as “unique dinner parties and performance art at a private residence in Hollywood.” Their social media accounts also support this idea–and also hint at a date in Summer of 2017. While they are not ready to discuss specifics, we were able to learn that they are “headed by immersive vet(s) who are looking to do something new/different without the pressure or expectations of our other projects.” This definitely sounds like a novel and interesting concept–and one we are very excited about.

Today, Infinitely Dinner Society launched a Tumblr (NOTE: The Tumblr page has since been deactivated but you can reach them on Instagram). Their first post, aptly entitled “Just a Taste,” contains a link to an application. Offering membership to their dinner parties, this application asks questions regarding emotions you felt while experiencing food and art, with an emphasis on recalling initial memories. But we won’t spoil the application for you.


infinitely Dinner Society blends Immersive Theater, Art, and Food TogetherTo dine or not to dine that is the question.

For more information, follow Infinitely Dinner Society on Instagram.

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